Hopefully anyone looking at this likes Pokémon, video games, comics, and PUNS. If you want to find me anywhere else, trying to add Sixty X Celph is a fairly safe bet, whether it's Steam, Xbox Live, PSN, whatever.


meet the blogger

• the meaning behind my url: It's my name. Or a pseudonym I adopted eight years ago. It originally started as a band name, Sixty-Six Six, which became a forum username. As happens, it was shortened to Sixty and I was known as Sixty for a couple years. Then, when I started putting some solo work on MySpace, I picked a made-up last name, Celph, because I was by myself. And I spelled it funny. And then a few months later I gave myself the middle initial X, and Sixty X Celph was born.

• weakness: My weakness is weakness. I have a difficult time saying, "No." Especially when someone is in a situation where they NEED the help.

• last time i cried and why: Honestly, playing Persona 4 Golden. Listening to everyone begging you not to die, especially the six-year-old Nanako, is heartbreaking. "Please don't go, Big Bro. I'll be a good girl."

• favorite band: Ever-changing. I've been listening to a lot of older MSI (FGWSSS and earlier) lately, though, and Static-X.

• biggest turn off(s): Oppressive opinions and smoking.

• top 5 foods: Fffffff... bacon, sushi, cheeseburgers, falafel, and sausage. Those were the first five to come to mind.

• tattoos i want: Numerous.

• biggest turn on(s): Body-confidence. And a pleasant voice.

• life goal(s): Not die?

• favorite movie(s): Really depends on my mood. I love Paranormal Activity, Taken, The Dark Knight,

• a fact about my life: I'm very bright and extremely stupid.

• fears: Fuckin' spiders!

• tattoos i have: None yet. Never been able to afford it, really. All my money tends to go to video games.

My two current favorite pictures of myself.  And two of my favorite pastimes.  And one of my least favorite.  And a cat.  Yay, Cube!

I found a sort of “To Dos” list I made at work one day back in 2007, when I was working at the cinema.  It gave me a chuckle to remember what my priorities were.

  • Look into cell phone
  • Work on Nothing New [Note: A failed podcast idea that never made it past a planning stage.]
  • Work on new SXC piece
  • Figure out the issue with the mic/work on premade instrumental battle
  • Look into SS card
  • Look into birth certificate
  • Potential roommates??
  • Taxes
  • Brainstorm ideas for new Twon songs
  • Evaluate money needs and standard income
  • Second part-time job?? Full-time job??

Played and beat Samorost 2.  Took me 54 minutes.  XD Holy shit that’s a short game, haha!

But, it’s one less Humble Bundle game I’ve never played.

XD  So, not to be conceited, but a couple times now I’ve been listening to Function Creep tracks going, “Oh, yeah, I provided a little piece of dialogue or something for this.”  Just, like, a line or two.  Not even singing, just… talking.  Oh, good times.

Played 9 times

Feelin’ conceited again and I felt like sharing this delightful track called “Your Dark Princess”.  Initially, it was kind of meant to be a demo version until I could find a lady kind enough to sing the majority of it for me.  Unfortunately… this is kind of the de facto final version, though. 

Oh, one of my numerous, short-lived music projects.  Heaven Loss.

I’m going to try to get into YouTubing again.  We’ll see how it goes?  Perhaps a new way to do Weekly Rundowns that’ll get me interested in doing them again?  Who knows?!

Sixty is having a fat day, y’all.

Weekly Rundown - 07/16/12-07/22/12

Games this week:

  • Game Boy Color -Pokémon: Silver Version
  • Xbox 360 -Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
  • Playstation 3 -DJ Hero 2

Games!  I honestly don’t know how many more of these I’ll do, as I’m getting tired of it.  Once every week since May last year, I’m just getting tired of writing for myself, I guess.

So, mostly, I powered throughAssassin’s Creed: Brotherhood.  Because I’m tired of playing it but I can’t stand to leave a game unfinished.  But, mission accomplished, I finished the story.  And now it’s back on the shelf and I may never touch it again nor playAssassin’s Creed: Revelations.  I just don’t care.  I was talking to a friend about this, and I think the reason I’m dislikingBrotherhoodso much is because it’s so much likeAssassin’s Creed II, which got a lot of leeway because it was the sequel to a game that had a lot of problems.  And, as that sort of a sequel, it really shined and impressed.  But, the sequel to that is more of the same, and all of the issues really shine through.  I’ve spoken of these issues previously, but, a short recap: the controls are wonky and straight don’t work some times.  It’s especially frustrating near the end of the game.  I don’t know if this is because I was just sick of it or if it became particularly problematic, but, I was very frustrated.  The Leonardo missions are not fun.  I played the warship one and the horse-drawn cannon and that was enough for me to know I wanted to avoid those missions.  Both involved a shooting mechanic that was imprecise and slow.  No fun.  The Brotherhood mechanic is still awesome fun, but, obviously not enough to hold the game together.  The writing is still fun, Ezio is great and seeing him grow throughoutAssassin’s Creed IIandAssassin’s Creed: Brotherhoodwas great.  The Desmond stuff is still a little weak, and I’m not enjoying the complete cliffhanger endings thatthese two games have had.  And I’ll probably never know how Ezio’s story ends, because I highly doubt I will ever buy and playAssassin’s Creed: Revelations.  Here’s hoping thatAssassin’s Creed IIIfixes some problems and goes back to being fun.

I played a little DJ Hero 2, just to remind myself how much fun it is.  I want to see if I can find a soundtrack for that game.  I would love to have some of those mash-ups just in my music library.  But, I only played four or five mixes, not a lot at all.

I didn’t play much else. Pokémon, of course.  I hit a wall needing to train up a Psychic-type, but, I’m truckin’ along.  I think I beat some trainers out of order, though.  I beat Chuck and Jasmine, who were about ten levels over me, but now I’m outside Mt. Mortar and the trainers all have Pokémon ten levels under me. Whoops.  Anyway, team currently consists of Drowzee (no nickname, didn’t think I’d be using him on my team), Dee (Bayleef), Bob (Vulpix), Olette (Noctowl), Sean (Flaafy), and Glen (Quagsire).

I don’t think I’m going to continue Final Fantasy X-2.  I haven’t played it in weeks and I have zero desire to go back to it.  It’s just not hooking me in.  Maybe it’s been too long since I played Final Fantasy X, but… just no interest.

And, that’s it!  Hopefully next week?  I mean this in all seriousness, if anyone reads these and enjoys them, sound off in the comments or send an anon message or something.  Something to let me know people legit enjoy these and would like for me to continue, okay?