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Do you ever have that outfit you wear so often you think

"Yes, this is the outfit I’d be drawn in everyday if I was a cartoon"

For a period of time in middle school, I literally wore the same thing every day because I got the same article of clothing (pants and shirt) six or seven times and had a closet like Doug Funnie.  And a cartoon was drawn of me…

meet the blogger

• the meaning behind my url: It's my name. Or a pseudonym I adopted eight years ago. It originally started as a band name, Sixty-Six Six, which became a forum username. As happens, it was shortened to Sixty and I was known as Sixty for a couple years. Then, when I started putting some solo work on MySpace, I picked a made-up last name, Celph, because I was by myself. And I spelled it funny. And then a few months later I gave myself the middle initial X, and Sixty X Celph was born.

• weakness: My weakness is weakness. I have a difficult time saying, "No." Especially when someone is in a situation where they NEED the help.

• last time i cried and why: Honestly, playing Persona 4 Golden. Listening to everyone begging you not to die, especially the six-year-old Nanako, is heartbreaking. "Please don't go, Big Bro. I'll be a good girl."

• favorite band: Ever-changing. I've been listening to a lot of older MSI (FGWSSS and earlier) lately, though, and Static-X.

• biggest turn off(s): Oppressive opinions and smoking.

• top 5 foods: Fffffff... bacon, sushi, cheeseburgers, falafel, and sausage. Those were the first five to come to mind.

• tattoos i want: Numerous.

• biggest turn on(s): Body-confidence. And a pleasant voice.

• life goal(s): Not die?

• favorite movie(s): Really depends on my mood. I love Paranormal Activity, Taken, The Dark Knight,

• a fact about my life: I'm very bright and extremely stupid.

• fears: Fuckin' spiders!

• tattoos i have: None yet. Never been able to afford it, really. All my money tends to go to video games.


I remember when Biggie died.  I didn’t know a lot about him, but, my babysitter was super upset.  And eventually there was a special concert aired on BET that I watched with my sitter’s family.

In 5th grade, I was arguing with classmates about how tight Busta was.

In my 6th grade music class I wrote a paper about the history of rap.

In high school, I desperately wanted to be a hip-hop artist, though I never tried my hardest because I really didn’t think I’d get there.  I focused more on trying to start a rock band and hoped I’d be able to pick the hip-hop back up later.  But I was writing all the time in high school.  Notebooks full of lyrics.  And they were mostly awful.  Rock never worked.

When I was 16, a kindly Bulgarian man told me my flow was bad and I was completely off-beat.  And he was right.  So, I worked on it.  And while I worked on that, I tried this electro thing.  Kept writing.  Electro never worked, but it got closer than rock.

Eventually, around 20, I had to get a job and start paying bills.  Stopped having any free time.  Stopped writing.

Over the last six months, my desire to go back to hip-hop is strong.  The music side has never been my strongest suit; words has always been my forte.  But, I don’t need something super complex to record over, I’ve decided.  Just something to get me back into writing.

Lend Me a Hand, Folks

Last time I’ll ask before giving up, promise

I need impetus to start writing again.  All I ask is for someone to offer a recommendation.  Original post requesting requests can be found here.  Links to what I have written previously can be found here at the new blog I’ve started to house any further writing, Sixty’s Thoughts & Ramblings.

Drop me an ask, preferably on the Sixty’s Thoughts & Ramblings blog.  Follow, read, critique.  Help me out.

Started a new blog...

… so that, if anyone actually turns up to lend me a needed hand, new reviews will have a dedicated place to live.  So, click it, check it out.  What do y’all think?

XD  So, not to be conceited, but a couple times now I’ve been listening to Function Creep tracks going, “Oh, yeah, I provided a little piece of dialogue or something for this.”  Just, like, a line or two.  Not even singing, just… talking.  Oh, good times.

Played 9 times

Feelin’ conceited again and I felt like sharing this delightful track called “Your Dark Princess”.  Initially, it was kind of meant to be a demo version until I could find a lady kind enough to sing the majority of it for me.  Unfortunately… this is kind of the de facto final version, though. 

Oh, one of my numerous, short-lived music projects.  Heaven Loss.