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Day 30 - Most Nostalgic Element of Pokémon

Hm… the most nostalgic element of Pokémon.  Well, at a young enough age that guides weren’t really a thing, collecting all of the Pokémon.  After beating the game, taking each Pokémon out of the PC and leveling it until it evolved into something else.  Collecting any I had missed.  Going through the Elite Four over and over again just for the experience to fill out the Pokédex and crafting my team into the strongest thing around.  Fun times!

So, to that end, I think the most nostalgic thing was finding Mewtwo.  That shit was crazy, exploring the Unknown Dungeon, and it was so awesome catching that Pokémon! Catching any of the legendaries was always something really fun, but, Mewtwo has the most nostalgia for me.

And that’s it!  We’ve hit the final day for this 30 Day Challenge.  Dunno when I’ll do another one, but, it’s been fun.

Pokémon 30 Day Challenge

Day 29 - Favorite Pokémon Tune or Song

The Silph Co. and Lavender Town themes are great, but, it’s definitely the music that plays in the Pokémon Tower.  Creeeepy.

Gods be damned, that’s spooky.  Way creepier than the version in FireRed/LeafGreen.  Gives a little jump when a battle interrupts it.

Pokémon 30 Day Challenge

Day 28 - What Did You Nickname Your Rival?

Oh, that would change every time I started a new game.  Sometimes it was childish, like Douche or Asshole, sometimes it was a friend’s name like Jimmy, sometimes it was my younger brother Bones/Tim/Timothy, and other times it was the name of someone I hated from school, none of which I actually recall.

My most recent game I have nicknamed my rival Cubert, after my fat cat.  My true life rival!

I mean, look at this asshole!

Pokémon 30 Day Challenge

Day 27 - Favorite Pokémon Game

I have a huge soft spot for Red/Blue, as classics, and Yellow, for incorporating the television show at a time when I was deeply engrossed in it every Saturday, but, I think my absolute favorite is Crystal.  It was the first time you could play with a girl avatar, the Pokémon animated when the battle started (granted, it’s limited compared to today, but, man, it was AWESOME that first time!), and it was Game Boy Color ONLY.  It was my first Game Boy game that had that fat bit at the top instead of the indentation, making it unplayable in an old-style Game Boy or Game Boy Pocket.  So cool!

Pokémon 30 Day Challenge

Day 25 - A Pokémon Based on Your Favorite Animal

NOTE: Oh, terrible, I queued this up to post at 8:30 last night and Tumblr, for whatever reason, didn’t post it.  Sorry, anyone!

That’s actually difficult because there really isn’t a Pokémon (up to Black/White, anyway, as I’ve not seen those new Pokémon) that’s based on a tiger, exactly.  Raikou's probably the closest, but, not quite.  So… I'll go with Furret, since I also really like ferrets! =D  They’re so adorable and sleek!

Also, the whole sexualizing Pokémon thing continues to be… odd.  To each their own and I’m infinitely curious, but, it’s weird to me a bit.

Pokémon 30 Day Challenge

Day 24 - A Pokémon You’d Find Useful In Real Life

Hmmm… Dialga.  Complete mastery of time sounds pretty damned useful.  Go back and see wonderful things, find out the truth about events from the past.  Get old games and things before they became super rare and valuable.  Good times!

Pokémon 30 Day Challenge

Day 22 - Favorite Rival

Definitely Silver, the rival character in Silver/Gold.  Mostly because he totally steals his starter, and that makes me laugh quite a bit.  From poor Professor Elm!

Pokémon 30 Day Challenge